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Agricultural Audacity

Agriculture in Coimbatore dates back to ancient times. In many ways, cotton wrote the city’s history.  Archaeological sites in the district show the existence of agricultural societies and the use of stone implements. The presence of cotton cultivation in the city dates back to Neolithic times. Thanks to fertile rich black soil, cotton cultivation created a vibrant, extremely successful textile industry. In fact, the first textile mill dates back to 1888.

So important was the city in textile trade that Coimbatore had a Roman settlement on the outskirts of the city. The largest collection of Roman coins in the country has been found in the Kongu district.  This is also a testament for the demand for the city’s naturally-coloured cotton.

The city’s reputation as an agriculture powerhouse is cemented by the presence of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Established in 1906, it is one of the most renowned centres of learning in the world.

Our audacity to dream up a vision perfumed with the richness of the soil has created agriculture success.

Industrial Audacity

When we needed electricity, we didn’t wait around for it to happen. We made India’s first electric motor in 1930. This kind of effort defines the culture of industry in Coimbatore.

If you’re even the least bit familiar with the city, then you know this story from the history books. In 1937, the first motor to be produced in India was brought out from G. D. Naidu’s factory – NEW (National Electric Works) at Peelamedu, Coimbatore.

Those deep industrial roots have resulted in many new accomplishments. Coimbatore is known as the pump city of India; close to half of all the country’s pump and motor requirements are met by the city. Apart from this, the city is the biggest manufacturer of wet-grinders in the world.

The Codissia Trade Fair Complex, an offering of The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association, is considered the largest modern exhibition venue by a private association. Apart from this, the city has industrial estates and a large presence of self-help groups.

Social Audacity

Coimbatore has been made strong by the power of the people. People from various parts of the country who found shelter in the city’s peaceful vibe during the Partition. People looking for better prospects for their family. Coimbatore welcomes everyone. But it is in the very water of the city that you learn what cooperative effort truly means.

Many lakes dot the picturesque landscape of the city. But years of neglect and reckless use had left many dry, and garbage-filled. This included the 320-acre Ukkadam Periyakulam, fed by the Noyyal River. When word spread of a government-backed NGO movement to desilt the lake, it sparked a massive reaction.

Each Sunday, for a month, Ukkadam Big Tank became the space for a large, extended picnic. There was music, food, whole lot of laughter and even more hard work. Citizens, young and old, from virtually every walk of life came together to desilt and rebuild the lake.

Today, the lake is filled with shimmering water, and home to birds and fish. The picnic spot includes a walking track and boating. And it all happened because Coimbatore and her people said, “Let’s get this done”.

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