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Health, Education, Employment, Relocation – The needs could be varied, the destination is one – coimbatore

A place that can be easily called home. That’s what Coimbatore is. Nothing more,nothing less. Whether it is the ease of living, access to world class health and education, the cozyness of a small town or busyness of a metropolis – it offers it all.

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Coimbatore is amongst one of the best healthcare centres in India and probably even South Asia. 500+ small and large hospitals with over 10,000 in-patient beds combined provide treatment in all domains of health. Some of the world’s best doctors and paramedics call this city their home. Many world-class medical equipment are launched in Coimbatore due to the solid health infrastructure available here. This combined with a good weather, support system in terms of home nurses, economical lodging facilities makes the city an ideal healthcare destination.

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The ecosystem that makes dreams come true is powered by sterling educational institutions. In fact, the country’s first polytechnic college was established in Coimbatore. Alternate schools and international schools offer a mix of curriculum. Colleges with a special focus on commerce, literature, and engineering create industry-ready students. Entrepreneurship hubs and incubators help facilitate future ideas. Today, the city has 400+ colleges churning out over 100,000 graduates a year  across almost every discipline.

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Companies and industries that operate in almost every domain. Small and large companies that perform backend operations for global leaders. Startups and SMEs who offer challenging assignments in their growth stories. All this and much more awaits a potential employment seeker in Coimbatore. There are innumerable opportunities for every kind (well, almost every kind) of skillset – generic or specialized. The highly intellectual and academic nature of the city will help you grow as a person. Reasonable cost of living, good infrastructure, lovely weather and good people make Coimbatore the ideal place in your search for a career.

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Coimbatore is primarily a business hub. But it is also the gateway to many tourism opportunities. Apart from being the home of Isha yoga center which attracts both yoga fans and tourists alike, the city is the perfect “break-journey” center for many locations. The airport, railway station and road infrastructure along with lodging facilities make Coimbatore the base destination for your travels to: Ooty, Coonoor, Munnar, Kodaikanal, National forests at Bandipur/Masanagudi.

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Open arms – this is how the city will be welcoming you if you would like to relocate. A peaceful way of life, decent cost of living and world class social infrastructure combined with the charm of living in the valley of the Nilgiris mixed a perfect home. Welcome Home!

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Drive 25 kms in almost any direction and reach the foothills of the Western Ghats. This is the city where a fun-loving and a partying lifestyle coexists with the retirement paradise. Where Entrepreneurship and Corporate employment are neighbours. A city that has been a spiritual hotbed for centuries. Every turn in Coimbatore will throw up a new surprise. Welcome to the city of enterprise.

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