We did Some Things exemplary – Our past

The entrepreneurial culture is dominant in the city fueled by a historical need to over come challenges like restrictions on import, ingenuity in the face of challenges and a strong will to overcome all odds.  The city is credited with many indigenous firsts like the electric motor, FRP Boats, paper making machine, front wheel drive car, sten-guns, buttons, colored cotton, drip irrigation, 1000 cc diesel engine, automotive components. All these inventions/innovations has fostered the entrepreneurial culture.

Creations of Coimbatore (Firsts)

First FRP Bullet proof helmet in the world

Wet Grinder was invented in Coimbatore

Firt electic motor in india – 1930

Paper Making Plant

India’s first Formula Cars and Formula car racing team

100% Indigenous car (Front wheel drive)

Synthetic Gems

Carding engine

5 ton fork lift

Ring spinning frame

Automotive Timing chains, Belts & Tensioners

Natural Coloured Cotton

Sten Fun for the Indian Army

2000 cc Diesel Engine

25 HP Tractor fully indigenous

Rigid Inflatable Boats for the Navy and FRP Sailing boats

Hydraulic head box

Drip Irrigation System